Have you ever heard of Gaby Deslys?  She was the biggest star of French musical theatre at the beginning of the 20th Century!

A singer, dancer and actress whose sparkling personality and singular talent catapulted her to the heights of stardom from the moment she first donned her legendary hats, gowns and jewels and stepped onstage — dazzling everyone who saw her from Paris to London to Broadway.  This is a woman whose completely original stagecraft, as well as  her forward thinking attitudes about being a woman, influenced all who followed her from Mae West to Florenz Ziegfeld to The Folies Bergère.  And yet, today, she is all but completely forgotten.


Happily, she’s being brought back to glittering, scintillating life in the critically acclaimed musical revue, “Gaby, Mon Amour”.


Just like flipping through the pages of a big, glossy magazine from the 1910’s, you’ll be given glimpses into every facet of this Queen of French, British and American Music Hall.

Immerse yourself in the world of the great cabarets of yesteryear; a world of rhinestones, feathers and silk.  A world of dangerous women and stagedoor Johnnys.  A world where a king would give up his throne for the love of a beautiful woman!

This is an extravaganza with costumes as spectacular as those worn by Gaby Deslys herself; costumes made in the same workshop that clothed the likes of Jean Vilar and Georges Wilson!


Mireille Doering-Born, daughter of the famous costume designer Geneviève Sevin-Doering, has brilliantly reconstructed Gaby’s extraordinary sartorial world, a world of silk, satin, lace, sequins, beads, feathers and furs.


The revue is the brain-child of the brilliant young tenor, Jean-Christophe Born.  The verve with which he has painstakingly researched the life of this trail-blazing, yet forgotten icon is matched only by the energy and with he brings to his performance as the various men in Gaby’s life.

Mr. Born is joined on stage by New York City’s reigning King of Cabaret, the multi-award singer, pianist and tap dancer, Mark Nadler (named Performer of the Year by

Mr Nadler has also created the musical arrangements.  Operetta, cakewalk and ragtime sung in French and English, have been given fresh, vibrant reimaginings that comprise the musical landscape of this enchanting revue.  


And rounding out the cast is a Claire-Élie Tenet, soprano as Gaby Deslys !  Her shimmering, rich soprano, her buubly personality and her impeccable comic timing illuminate the stage just as the great Gaby Deslys did over a hundred years ago.
So get out your top hat, your ruffles, your feathers, your beads and bows and step back into the glamourous, glistening world of “Gaby, Mon Amour"

"An intoxicating cocktail of talents, “Gaby Mon Amour”

is a magnificent success!” — ZIBELINE

“Mark Nadler could carry a show all by himself!”  — MUSICAL AVENUE

"Run to see this marvel of good humor and gaeity!"  — LE MONDE

Written and Directed by Jean-Christophe Born
Musical Arrangements by Mark Nadler

Choreography by Aude Pinatel and

Sebastien Oliveros with Tap Choreography by Mark Nadler
Lighting by Audrey Andreu and Maurizio Motobbio
Costumes by Mireille Doering-Born

Des costumes


Ces costumes qui redonnent toute la splendeur de Gaby Deslys ont été réalisés par Mireille Doering-Born, héritière de la célèbre costumière Geneviève Sevin-Doering, créatrice de costumes  au TNP-Chaillot et Festival d'Avignon sous Jean Vilar et Georges Wilson.

Notes de mise en scène :

"J'ai toujours été fasciné par les gloires légendaires du passé, d'autant plus lorsqu'il s'agit de Marseille, ma ville de coeur. Lorsque j'ai découvert Gaby Deslys, j'ai immédiatement senti quelle artiste exceptionnelle elle avait été, même si sa mémoire s'est estompée. Très en avance sur son temps et bien loin des conventions sociales de l'époque, elle annonce magnifiquement la femme moderne. Je me suis plongé passionnément dans l'histoire de sa vie et de son oeuvre à travers ses biographies, en allant rechercher dans les fonds de documentation à la BNF de Paris, en fouillant sur le web, en rencontrant des historiens comme Pierre Echinard, etc. Un travail de longue haleine, échelonné sur plusieurs années. C'est littéralement page à page que j'ai reconstitué les musiques, les danses, et enfin élaboré ce récital-revue évoquant ses plus grands succès aussi bien chantés que dansés, car elle a véritablement créé des danses qui ont fait fureur, comme le "Gaby Glide" et la "Danse de l'ours". Certaines, assez osées, ont même fait scandale. Pour ce spectacle, je me suis entouré d'artistes de très haut niveau : Mark Nadler, véritable star de Broadway, qui m'a fait l'honneur de m'accompagner dans ce projet fou, et la parfaite interprète Claire-Élie Tenet, à qui revient la lourde charge d'incarner Gaby. Nous avons tous à cœur de rendre hommage et de faire revivre cette magnifique artiste marseillaise". J. Ch. Born


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